Biden claims he took part in the civil rights movement of the 1960s, and not a word is true

By Everett Piper– – Friday, October 30, 2020


This coming Tuesday, as you head off to the polls to cast your vote, remember this: Joe Biden is a pathological liar. 

Donald Trump may be rude and crude. He may be abrasive and off-putting. His Twitter temperament may be caustic, his leadership style demanding, his political instincts heavy-handed, and his use of hyperbole a bit extreme; yes, President Trump may be a pugnacious man with many flaws that he doesn’t even care to hide, but Joe Biden is a proven, habitual, unrepentant fraud and a pathological liar of the highest order.  

Civil rights activist Shaun King says this. “Since the early 1970s, Joe Biden has been a serial liar …” 

Mr. King goes on to explain. 

“In 1987, when Joe Biden was running for president for the very first time, his campaign got swallowed up in a swarm of lies that [he] told about himself all over the country. First, Biden was caught plagiarizing a famous speech from, then, Britsh Labor Pary Leader Neil Kinnock — including parts of the speech that came straight from Kinnock’s personal life that were not true for Biden.

“Then, he plagiarized yet another speech from the late Robert Kennedy and another from JFK and another from Hubert Humphrey … Soon, it was discovered that Biden had not just plagiarized those four speeches, but had lied about academic awards [that he never earned], lied about scholarships [that he never received], and lied about his ranking in law school [stating he graduated in the top half of his class when in fact he finished 76th out of 85].”

Mr. King then concludes by highlighting the series of 31 Biden lies he finds most foul; a list of prevarications dating back to the ’70s that are beyond the pale because they show Mr. Biden to be a bald-faced liar about his involvement in our nation’s march for civil rights.


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