Black Lives Matter protesters staked out the home of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for the 13th straight day. The protesters demand that not nominate the Democrat mayor for any potential cabinet position.

BLM protesters danced to “F**k Donald Trump” on the street in front of Mayor Garcetti’s home in Los Angeles. The rally marks the 13th straight day of protests demanding that Garcetti not be appointed to any potential Biden administration cabinet position.

A video tweeted by independent journalist Jorge Ventura shows the commotion currently underway in front of the mayor’s home.

Police officers warned protesters about the noise caused by their drums and horns, Ventura tweeted. Officers threatened to issue citations for noise violations.

Protesters noticed Ventura recording their efforts and held up umbrellas to block his view. One of the protesters can be seen attempting to steal his phone.

The encounter led to a warning from LAPD officers to protesters. The officer warned that making contact with Ventura could lead to criminal charges for battery.

Breitbart News reported on November 28 that BLM leaders protesting outside Garcetti’s home accused former Vice President Joe Biden of capitalizing “on our efforts to defund the police.”

“We want to be very clear that as we happily usher out the Trump regime, we will not accept liberal white supremacy in the White House in the form of Joe Biden,” Dr. Melina Abdullah said during a speech outside Garcetti’s house. … “It doesn’t matter to me that Kamala Harris is your vice president if you’re using her black woman body to usher in oppressive systems and oppressive people like Eric Garcetti.”

She also retweeted a message that appears to quote her as saying, “Liberal white supremacy is not better.”

On Saturday, protesters tweeted selfies taken in front of Garcetti’s house.

Children at the protest enjoyed the presence of a neighborhood cat.

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