Economic War Room with Kevin Freeman

Patrick Byrne shares insights he has been working on and further follow-up to Economic War Room’s reporting on election fraud. Professional hackers rate Dominion systems security a 1.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. How culprits using Dominion system voting machines were able to target only six counties in America to steal the nation! Shocking insights on how votes were shaved from Republican strongholds. They are stealing votes from rural areas to make them just a little bit less red and placing these votes in six counties to make them a deeper blue. Plus, breaking news of video documentation showing fresh absentee ballots still being harvested almost a month after the election.

The clock is counting down.

Whomever still thinks that the large majority of people in Pennsylvania would vote for Biden and Harris, both whom have stated they will ban fracking, and oil extraction, when these are key industries, as well as major job creators in PA, then you are fooling yourselves if you think the large majority of people in PA will vote for two candidates who will destroy PA, and the entire country.

If you think that most Americans haven’t seen how Biden’s mental health has deteriorated, or how both Biden and Harris have lied, and later on attempted to claim “we won’t tell you what policies we want, and you don’t need to know until after we are elected” and this would make most Americans vote for Biden and Harris, you are kidding yourselves.

If you think that moderate democrats would side with the radicals in the now “socialist party of America” in getting rid of the Electoral College, packing the Supreme Court, making ONE city into a state, and a socialist country with a failed socialist economy into another state so that forever more only “socialists/communists” from now on will be chosen for POTUS and VPOTUS, then you are deluding yourselves.

Despite claims by the left that they are a majority, the truth couldn’t be farther than that. Most Americans will never vote for people who have been talking about radically changing the U.S. into a socialist dictatorship. More so when there was no blue wave and instead of winning seats democrats have lost many seats.

What’s more it makes no sense that the same people whom voted for so many pro-Republican and pro-Trump representatives and Senators will vote against the man that these representatives and Senators say they themselves back.

Biden and Harris have made it clear that they are in favor of Wall Street, and super rich lobbyists whom will put America and it’s people last. Biden and Harris will use our tax payer money to pay for the defense of our allies, instead of asking them to pay for their own defense themselves, and both of whom have stated they want to radically change the U.S., and our economy into a disastrous nightmare like Venezuela’s, and give more power to violent and racist groups like Antifa, BLM, and the like.

No, if this war is not won in the courts, then the people will stand up and will make sure these “radical changes to the U.S. into a socialist dictatorship never happens.”


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